How to Make Full Color Posters Printed at Sam’s Club

I get a lot of “How did you do that?” from people in the church and pastor friends so I thought I’d just start posting some of the details:

  1. Go into PowerPoint and set the page size to 20” x 30”  (or other Sam’s Poster Size – currently they offer 12×16 for $2.96 / 16×20 for $5.96 / 20×24 for $7.96 / 20×30 for $8.96)
  2. Make whatever you want printed on the poster in PowerPoint and save it as a PNG file
  3. Go to and use the slow setting for the file upload
  4. Click edit on your uploaded file – if you made the PowerPoint slide the right size you shouldn’t need to crop or adjust it – choose your desired poster size like 20 x 30 and send it to the cart. I’m having mine printed at the store and paying by credit card so I can pick it up in an hour and it only costs $8.96!

The results are beautiful full color posters great for ministry. We have a store front window in town and these posters hold up great.

If this is helpful let me know and I will post more “How to do that” articles that are helpful for ministries on a tight budget.