Mail a CD for one first-class postage stamp or Share your Sunday Sermon Online

Make a Sermon CD and Mail it with one first-class postage stamp

  • At our church we only have one service and we found that people were more willing to work in the nursery or children’s ministry during the church worship service if we would get them the audio. I don’t really have time to write a full, in-depth how to guide – but here are some tips on how we get it done.
  • We record our entire church worship service using an audio recorder connected to an audio out port on our sound board.
  • We end up with a .WAV file that is transferred to a Windows PC computer.
  • The audio file is then edited with Roxio Creator Software using the Sound Editor part of the program and saved as a 44k stereo “High Quality MP3” (for some reason the cd’s don’t want to copy if you don’t use the 44k setting)
  • We have a no-name multi 1 to 5 cd duplicator we bought off E-bay years ago that we make copies with. You can often find 100 packs of CD-R disks on sale at the office supply store.
  • For me I find the easiest and fastest way to make cd labels is to use a Microsoft Publisher 2007 template I setup email me and I will send my template to you.
  • Click here for info on the Compulabel 312737 Inkjet/Laser CD Label with Hub Cap labels that we use.
  • Email me if you want me to send you the MS Publisher 2007 3up CD Label Template I made.
  • To mail the cd for one stamp you have to use the rectangular envelope – you can no longer use the square envelope to get the one ounce rate. Click here for info on the postage saver cd mailers we use Self Adhesive Postage Saving CD DVD Mailer

I’d much prefer that everyone listened to the sermon audio we put online but the reality is that some people still prefer a cd. I live in a bedroom community and many of the people I am trying to share with are in the car for 20-40 minutes to get to work each day.

Easily Put Your Sermon Audio Message Online with Buzzsprout

I wanted a service to easily share the sermon audio and podcast through iTunes. I used Podbean until they kept surrounding our online audio listing with advertising we did not approve of. I used sermon studio player but it was hard for people to figure out and didn’t work well on a mobile phone. I’ve tried other ways over the years to host and share our audio files including and
Now I currently use as it seems to the simplest way to put our audio online – I would suggest you read through their instructions and setup your podcast through feedburner connected to buzzsprout as it seems to work the best.

Here’s our Buzzsprout site

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