Android Apps and Tools for Christian Growth and Church Ministry

Looking for some mobile Disciple Tools for your Android device?

Just about every week I hear that someone around me just got an Android phone. It took me a little while to figure out what worked best after I had to say goodbye to my WebOS phone and hello to an HTC EVO 3D phone. The number of apps available in the Android Market and the Amazon Appstore are overwhelming. I thought I would share a few resources I have been using for a while that help me grow in my faith while I’m on the move – a mobile disciple of Jesus. These resources might help you find more time to hear God’s Word, help you share your faith and take steps to live a healthier life.

When people ask me what Android apps they should get to help them grow spiritually and be healthy, I tell them these are some of the products that work for me:

  1. YouVersion Bible is excellent and free
  2. CadreBible works well and will read the Bible text to you.
  3. I get most of my Christian Audio books as Mp3’s from
  4. I listen to the audio books at 1.5x speed (more or less depending on how fast the person reading speaks) using AstroPlayer
  5. If I get an e-Book I prefer it in a PDF so I can have EzPDFreader to read it me while I’m on the go.
  6. I use a Blueant T-1 bluetooth headset with A2DP music streaming capabilities
  7. Since your body is a temple (see 1 Cor 3:16)  I often count calories with since it has a barcode reader and extensive food library. I turn all the social sharing off since I’m not ready to share with “friends” world what I had for lunch. I keep track of my walking, running and biking speed and distance with MyTracks and it works well.
  8. I switched our church website to since I can easily edit and post from my phone with their app and their websites has a simple mobile viewing option and It is easy to feed our website content into Twitter and Facebook.
  9. I like most of the answers at and their mobile app keeps improving
  10. I can record audio/radio right on my phone to listen to it later with TuneIn Radio Pro

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17 (NKJV)